You've probably seen athletes wearing this weird colored stuff on their bodies during performances, and perhaps you overlooked it as some kind of sports tape for super-athletes. Well, KT Tape (short for Kinesio-Tape) is different from sports tape in that it is not intended to create a rigid support structure like sports tape is. Rather, it is meant to allow total freedom of movement while you wear the tape, and it mainly affects the fascial and lymphatic systems of the body. KT tape lifts the skin and frees up lymph channels, helping the body eliminate fluid and bacteria that can build up when muscles are over-used. As a result, this can help reduce pain and inflammation. KT taping can help heal bruising, re-train fascial patterns, support week...

Our lives are stressful. No more free refills at the Flying M, the days are too hot than rainy and gloomy, too much run around and not enough A/C.

We need to chill.

But seriously, too often we are activated, on edge and living in a state of stress. The part on your body that helps you survive a bear attack (or a bout of road rage) is called your sympathetic nervous system.   

Your sympathetic nervous system elevates your heart, speeds up your breathing, dilates your pupils and sends a rush of adrenaline through your body. In other words, you are on high alert. Sometimes we use the phrase "fight or flight" to describe this physiological response. We are only supposed to utilize this system 25% of the time. 

On the opposite si...

50/50 Club

We are offering a handful of memberships to

Indian Creek Therapeutics.

Those who choose membership will get a 60 minute session every month at the reduced cost of $50. Massage and bodywork are so much more effective when utilized on a regular and ongoing basis. Your session can be tailored to meet your wellness goals and could include massage, aromatherapy, kinesio taping, cranial sacral or other consultations.

As long as you are a part of the club, you are locked into this reduced price. Also, we are making this session transferable in the case that you are not able to make an appointment on any given month. You can choose to gift a session to your circle of friends or family.

We have convenient online booking and invoicing and yo...

Hard to believe that we are a week away from opening our doors. The paint is drying and the website is live. Our new neighbors have been stopping by with words of encouragement and enthusiasm. It's really together and we are excited to share it with you!

Please join us for our Open House:

Friday, May 12th

6:00 - 8:00 pm

1224 1st St, Suite 206 

Downtown Nampa

We will have chair massage, gift bags and free beer for the first guests who book appointments with us. Thank you PreFunk for giving us a good deal on libations. We are looking forward to celebrating this exciting new space. See you soon!

 Wow. Sometimes things just come together. 

We are currently picking paint colors, drafting operating agreements and printing business cards. Both Kate and I have been working in Boise, keeping busy, doing our thing. But sometimes you need a change. Sometimes you spend your 40 minute commute dreaming about the day you could walk to work. Sometimes you get over your fear of failure and take a leap to build something that is entirely your own. So here we are.

Indian Creek Therapeutics will be open for business in May.

Come to our OPEN HOUSE:

Friday, May 12th 6:00pm - 9:00pm

We will have door prizes, chair massage, and more!

Light refreshments provided.

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