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KT Taping- Not Just for Cool Sports Dudes

You've probably seen athletes wearing this weird colored stuff on their bodies during performances, and perhaps you overlooked it as some kind of sports tape for super-athletes. Well, KT Tape (short for Kinesio-Tape) is different from sports tape in that it is not intended to create a rigid support structure like sports tape is. Rather, it is meant to allow total freedom of movement while you wear the tape, and it mainly affects the fascial and lymphatic systems of the body. KT tape lifts the skin and frees up lymph channels, helping the body eliminate fluid and bacteria that can build up when muscles are over-used. As a result, this can help reduce pain and inflammation. KT taping can help heal bruising, re-train fascial patterns, support week muscles when contracting, and help discourage muscles from over-extending. It's great for a lot of conditions and you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from it. The photo to the left illustrates a taping technique I use for plantar fasciitis. I've had bouts of plantar fasciitis for the last decade, and KT taping has been the most effective treatment for me. I've seen success using this technique with my clients as well. I also use tape on my upper back as a gentle reminder to sit up straight when I am doing a lot of computer work. If you would like to try taping after a massage, make a note of it when booking online or via phone.

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