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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I expect during my first massage?


A: Therapists at Indian Creek Therapeutics are all licensed professionals. You will be asked some information about your medical history, which will be kept private in accordance to HIPPA standards. Your first visit will include a brief consultation to go over intentions and areas of concern. The therapist will leave the room while you undress. Although removal of all clothing is standard, this choice is completely up to you and remaining partially or fully clothed is an option. Your private areas will be covered by a sheet the entire session. Your therapist will use an oil or lotion lubricant to create gliding motion on the skin. Let us know if you have any nut allergies or other skin sensitivities! If you are ever in pain, let your therapist know to lighten the pressure. Your consent is important to us. We will check in with you but we love to have an open dialogue with you, so don't be afraid to tell us what you need. 


Q: What are the benefits of massage?


A: Massage is beneficial for reducing stress, improving body awareness and coordination, reducing muscle soreness, increasing range-of-motion and flexibility, speeding recovery and much more. 

Q: How do I cancel an appointment?


A: Just text us or give us a call at (208) 571-8368. Please leave a voicemail if we don't answer. You can also email us at Please let us know ASAP if you will not be able to make your appointment. 

Q: What kind of results should I expect from a massage?


A: A massage can be transformative for your body and calming during stressful times. However, it is good to know that changing postural patterns can take time. For people that are trying to find structural balance after many years of utilizing a less-than-efficient postural pattern, I suggest getting 3-5 massages in a short period time, a week or less between massages. The body tends to revert to old ways after 4-7 days, and consistent massage can help train muscles to act in new, healthier ways. Periodic upkeep with monthly massages is also very beneficial and can bring awareness to tight areas that might need more stretching than you realize. Massage therapist cannot diagnose disease or injury. Other forms of therapy might be necessary to address certain musculo-skeletal issues. Ask us if you would like a referral for a chiropractor, physical therapist, or MD. When you come in for your first massage at Indian Creek, discuss your expectations with your therapist. Massage therapy can be used to help manage discomfort and act as part of a support system for individuals who face chronic or terminal illnesses. Keep in mind that receiving massage therapy does not have to be justified with an ailment or physiological purpose. Many people find bodywork to improve their emotional state, and provide mental clarity. 

Q: Is it customary to tip your massage therapist?

A: Your health is our first concern. We realize massage therapy is an expense that is not easy to afford for all who need it. It is customary to tip massage therapists as you would a server or other service industry worker. However, please do not let this additional expense to deter you from seeking massage therapy.

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